ELLE Café Japan partnered with Dior cosmetics with two exclusive drinks for the launch of Dior Hydra Life

Instagram alert!

From June 1st to June 30th, ELLE Café Japan released two exclusive - and highly photogenic - drinks for the launch of the new moisturizing care Dior Hydra Life.

ELLE café Aoyama was fully reserved by Dior for the launch event on June 1st and the two Dior inspired healthy drinks were on sale in 3 stores: Aoyama, Roppoingi Hills and the recently opened Ginza Six.

This beautiful and yummy collaboration generated hundreds of publications on Instagram.


A long-awaited bonbon smoothie with a "white peach" whole fruit finally appeared! 
The Pastel Bonbon is a strawberry and lychee light pink smoothie, just like the flower blended in the Dior Life care, with a Curaçao sorbet. The beverage is topped with 100% vegan soy milk whip cream, full of good nutriments for the skin. 


This refreshing lychee Blue Soda comes with Conjugate Enzyme Extract obtained through the natural aging fermentation of more than 100 plants, for over two years. This drink is full of vitamins good for your skin thanks to a combo of strawberry, blueberry, orange, lemon and lychee! The Fruit Squash is also excellent for your metabolism, perfect right after a yoga session.